Residential Air Conditioning

Samurai services are specialists in Residential Air Conditioning system for the home/small office. Residential Air Conditioning is fast becoming the must have accessory to the modern home providing a cooling atmosphere in the summer and gentle heat in the winter.

Residential Air Conditioning units are available from only £995 and can be fitted in most rooms in the home as well as conservatories, loft spaces and outdoor buildings.

High Efficiency: During the winter “heat pump” air conditioning requires 1kw of electric power to produce 3kw of heat, hence 60% cheaper to run than the equivalent electric heater.

Cooling Calculator
up to 15ft x 13ft (approx) – 8000 BTU /2.4kw
up to 17ft x 13ft (approx) – 10000 BTU /3.0kw
up to 20ft x 13ft (approx) – 12000 BTU /3.3kw
up to 35ft x 30ft (approx) – 22000 BTU /6.3kw
If the room is very sunny increase the req. by 10%
If the room has other heat generating equp. ie. large refrig units etc then increase req by circa 20%
The above calculations assue a standard room height of 8ft

Upto 3 Year Guarantee on Residential Air Conditioning Units
Subject to maintenance contract and manufacturers warranty

* Applies only to the equipment which qualifies according to government emission standards. Please consult us for a list of qualifying brands and products. The reduced VAT rate includes all associated installation charges. Applies only to residential accommodation and those premises intended solely for a relevant charitable purpose.

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